Sunday, May 25, 2008

Proof that religion can potentially leave you brain damaged

Move over Tom Cruise and your silly Scientology remarks.

In Cannes, Sharon Stone said of "karma" when asked about her thoughts of Si Chuan earthquake, in her heightened dramatic voice.

So Sharon, since your "good friend" Dalai Lama didn't teach you what exactly Karma means, let me try to get your head straight. Karma, is the consequence of actions in the interrelated world. So if you spill hate on some people and that comes back to you, that's Karma. Earthquake has nothing to do with human actions. If you really want to stretch it, 9/11, the hideous hate crime partly as a result of the U.S. foreign policy, or so they claimed, or hurricanes, many amplified by global warming caused by human society, scientists say, could be asked of "Is that karma?" But that wouldn't be right, since those who suffered had nothing to do with the causing actions. But, even Sharon Stone wouldn't be brain-damaged enough to pontificate such in public.

Now with those remarks, Chinese people would possibly detests films acted or produced by Ms Stone. That would be karma. Then again, when does Sharon Stone ever have any film worth watching?

Update: Stone apologized and Dior retracted her ads. Is that Karma? Wink, wink.

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  1. 9.11时,虽然片刻看热闹的心情被随之而来的同情替代,但只有此时此刻才能感同身受。

  2. Business is always sensitive about that, since they are the most obvious to protest.

    The thing about Chinese though, is that they take all things too seriously. Boycotting Sharon Stone? What did she produce to boycott about? Let it go.