Sunday, April 13, 2008

Rocking Offkey like a frozen river: it looks still, but who knows what turbulence is roiling the water under the ice? - Miss Suu Kyi

We are from different places, even speaks different language at times. A singing show and internet brought us together, and allowed us to pretend knowing each other.

The idea is, to have a blog where preferably personal dirty laundry will be aired as little as possible while snipits of musing on daily life, thoughts on events and such. And general enjoyable things are to be shared. Tediousness in our professional work is to be avoided also.

Each of our life is a bit like a river. It may look like frozen on the surface, but there's always the under-currency that is rocking. It may not always on the note, it may be off-key here and there, but the important thing is we rocked, and rock on.

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