Monday, April 14, 2008

Into The Wild

Can a man truly find himself and the meaning of life by living in seclusion in the wildness? While it is true that "you not only have to be strong, but need to feel strong", and you may find that defining moment that empowers you to be you by living solely on your own, the answer is a resounding no, as evidenced by the ending of the movie. After all, a revelation without the chance of exercising it in life doesn't constitute a true revelation, and does not do anyone any good, including oneself.
  However, the young antagonist does make a point. What more thrusting ways a point can be made than giving up one's own life? His journey of discovering the truth in life in more about protesting the society we lives in than a young man's pursuit of his mecca. Interestingly, it is the people he meets along the way, not his own destiny, that provides the best answer of his question: the simple, kind, people who offer him plenty of company, guidance, and heart-warmth. In that, the movie does provide a memorable line: "When you forgive, you love. And when you love, God's light will shine upon you". And our young hero finally realizes that "happiness only real when shared".
  So travel your travel, seek your seek, read your Lord Byron and Tolstoy, but always remember to come back.
  Joie de vivre.

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