Thursday, August 13, 2009

Random conversation

"Read this", F showed me a lengthy pdf file, with half serious authoritative voice.
It was a preface to a book, in Chinese.
"Why?" I'm confused, "I've had enough dealing with editors."
"My Mom asks me to read", she continued, "but I'm hoping you can read it and then tell me what's it about."
I'm speechless.

Half a minute later, randomness picked up again.
"My Mom would love to read your writing." - Apparently, she wanted to stick with the Mom thing today.
"It's the first time I hear of it" - I would have none of it.
- "I told her you were always busy"
- "True, true."
- "I bet you can't write in Chinese either."
I was in searching of words again.
"Seriously, write one, she would love to read it," F adds emphatically, "but she reads only Chinese. Are you the sage one? Write."
- "But, but...I don't have time."
That deterred her for just five seconds. "Aren't you write in Chinese and have random conversation with random people online all the time?"

That's when I remembered this space - to add more random staff for random people.

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