Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Some updates about this blog

Long overdue.

The comment setting is switched to "anyone" which means you can leave comments as "anonymous". However, you are encouraged to get an openID, which will make commenting easier and communication more fluid. If you have a google or Yahoo ID, you already have the openID, you just need to sign in to it. To require openID is to prevent Spam.

I've also been experimenting with the "sphere related content". Sphere is a new search engine said to be content based and intelligent. It gives you links to related blogs and article. More things to read if you find something you are interested. So far, I find it works ad hoc, unless it's a hot topic, and not working at all for Chinese language posts.

This blog, as a blogspot site, is currently available in China. But there is no telling if and when the accessibility will be interrupted by the government, with "the great firewalls of China", although many big companies especially foreign one do not subject to this restriction. It's mostly a nuance, since you can always go around it with a proxy. And if you use firefox (btw, isn't firefox3 lightening quick?), you can always get a proxy add-on.

Also, you can use the translator on the right column. But always be aware the peril of machine translation.

Lastly, for some amusement, the top google keyword to reach this blog is actually for image search - hooters. And I can tell you it was from all over the world. Who would have thunk it?

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