Monday, July 7, 2008

Here comes communists

Poster on the picture left says "No service for communist bandits", and the board across the top the of the shop on the right says, "President Chiang, Communist Bandits have landed". Chiang Kai Shek was the leader of Nationalists who lost the civil war and fled to Taiwan sixty years ago.

We all know about the historical direct flights between Mainland China and Taiwan by now, and how local community leaders and businesses are doing what they can to accommodate, and to attract more mainland tourists.

But these pictures are much more interesting. Besides the amusement value - calling mainland tourist "communist bandits", a term used by then-in-power nationalist government - it's also much more encouraging than the official propaganda.

The official happy-all-round picture that's painted surely doesn't represent the whole truth. Besides, most of about-face work is done to attract businesses, and has little value in evaluating where the cross straight sentiment is going. Those posters, however, shows some Taiwanese still regard the mainland as the renegade force, just as mainland see Taiwan as a renegade island. Although the second poster is suspicious of marketing motive.

If there is still quarrel, there is still family. It's when disagreement becomes polite smily faces that two sides go their seperate ways.

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  1. 第一张看不到。第二张明显是噱头,台湾同胞还是挺善于这个的。

  2. 看过新闻了。

  3. I didn't realize Taiwan had such propaganda. It would be more amusing if they had the '50s-style propaganda art to go along with it.

    Only problem I have is why would they bother calling mainlanders communists? I have yet to see any signs of communism in China.

  4. Matthew:

    exactly. that's part of the irony and entertainment.

    The Koppel program accurately called China "Republic of Capitalism".