Friday, May 30, 2008

Top 10 things you want to do to uncontacted Indians

AP reports that uncontacted Amazon Indian tribe, one of the last uncontacted, is discovered in Brazil. Picture left shows them try to fire at plane with, gasp, arrows and bows. (More detailed story and larger pictures in daily mail)

Not to let David Letterman monopolize the top 10 list, let's count your top 10 things want to do the tribesman. Here's some I come up with:

  • Show them a picture of a beard man, tell them this man, Jesus, saves them, or they would go to hell. If they don't know what hell is, in all likelihood, show them a picture of Manhattan or some other places.
  • Ask them to send an athlete to Olympics to be represented. Oh, wait, they are represented by Brazil.
  • Lecture them about democracy and human rights. They don't know that, do they?
  • Give them some popcorns in exchange for them to sign some papers - about their land rights. Finger prints will suffice.
  • Drop some GPS device on them to track their activities. Wait, I'm afraid someone will actually do this. Sad.
  • Parachute yourself into their habitat, so you can claim yourself as their God.
  • Open a Macdonald next to them. Free international trade and consumerism must prevail.

Ok, I realize that's not ten yet, but feel free to add your own.

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