Thursday, April 17, 2008

Mundane Matters in the Magical World

J. K. Rowling, the Harry Porter author, is testifying against the author of Lexicon of her magical world in a copyright infringement case.

This reminds me of a question posed by someone a while ago: You need to be mean and aggressive to get ahead in life; you also want to relax and be nice to people as Chinese value always teaches. Where should the line be drown?

I actually spent a minute to think about that.

For me, the answer would obvious be "Don't be mean to people when you don't need to". So, an educated shouldn't be mean to the ignorant, the grow-ups shouldn't be mean to budding souls, a tenure professor shouldn't be mean to his graduate students (which can't always be said), etc. If one day my kids ask me the same question, I'd tell them the same: we work hard to put you in a position so you don't need to be mean to people when it's not necessary. For the rest, fight your fight and be aggressive as you should.

Miss Rowling, you've earned billions, let the poor guy do what thousands of others have always done - construct on their fantasized fictional characters.

Then again, I don't read Harry Porter.

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